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Pandemic 3

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Since the advent of online games, a lot of improvements are creativity has occupied the entertainment industry as developers look forward to coming up with the best graphics and features in a way to persuade more customers and to move with technology by encompassing he best software to come up with great online games that act as appeal and are influential. The Pandemic 3 is a wonderful online game coming as an improvement of the former Pandemic 2 which featured a virus with intent to destroy the entire world. The Pandemic 3 has a different twist with the objective of the game being to evolve your virus to go far beyond a large pandemic scale and kill everyone. This is a wonderful game played by a lot of people across the globe simultaneously; they attack regions to finish the mission. The game includes three disease classes; parasites, virus and bacteria. Beginners are allowed to start with a bacterium as it is well rounded. In the Pandemic 3 players keep gaining more evolution points with virus classes and there is slower game according to choice of parasite class. The game is great since each disease has different symptoms and players are allowed to sell or buy symptoms. Pandemic 3 has the following common symptoms; coughing, fever, sweating, heart failure, vomiting, liver failure, fatigue, kidney failure, boils, insanity, sores, depression, diarrhea, blindness, dementia, insanity, cysts, nausea and necrosis. You always ensure that your genetic disease is strong by following the right steps. As a player you avoid any symptoms, for instance vomiting, sneezing of coughing because this will attract for more people in the entire world to start, being skeptical about your disease. You avoid these symptoms as they will coast you money to remove them. The Pandemic 3 is a nice online game, with great graphics, fan always enjoy this game all the time. It’s more of a learning expedition and although there are a lot of exaggerations, it helps in making us think in a productive way. Purchase the pandemic 3 online and enjoy what it presents you with.